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Serving Southern Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama

I am an American Farrier’s Association Certified Farrier serving Southern Middle Tennessee as well as some areas in nearby Alabama.  Please do not hesitate to call about your horse as I will travel further, especially in the case of multiple horses at one location.

Premium Farrier Service

Superior attention to details yields results. Hooves respond to this sort of attention to detail. Most shoeing is done with clipped shoes steel shoes that are shaped and fit using a forge and anvil. This traditional method of hot shoeing has some advantages. For more info, check out this.

Traditional, “hot fit” shoeing
Nail-less shoeing and other modern products for problem feet

In addition to offering a wide selection of  traditional nail-on shoes, I can apply  horseshoes using a  nail-less products like acrylics,  epoxies, Sigafoos and casting tape.

Southern Middle Tennessee Farrier
a wedge aluminum egg bar shoe with Equithane pour in pad are two examples of the wide range of products available for today’s farrier
Shoes when you need them, barefoot when possible

I also do trimming for horses that do not require shoeing. Careful balancing and management of problem feet, shoes are not,  can help even the worst footed horse. For horses and circumstances where horseshoes are advantageous, a well fit shoe is just the icing on the cake.


If you have questions about a certain equine or hoof related matter in your life, please feel free to contact (call or text)  at (931)222-9667 or email elizabeththefarrier@gmail.com.

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3 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Farrier Service”

  1. Do you have any recommendations on glue on horse shoes. My 15 year old Paint horse gelding was born with a club foot. He wears Cavallo simple boots, which are great, but was thinking about glue on horseshoes for him.

    Thank you for your time and great website !

  2. First visit to trim horse with minor club hoof went much better than I had hoped for. Very proactive/caring farrier who makes recommendations for owner hoof care between visits, if needed.

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