About Elizabeth the Farrier

About Elizabeth the Farrier

I established   Elizabeth’s Farrier Service in Lexington, Kentucky in 2005.   In addition to working on  riding horses, I had the opportunity to attend racehorses, thoroughbred broodmares, foals and  sales yearlings.

I credit my abilities to help horses with bad feet to my 10 year immersion in the thoroughbred industry. If you are unfamiliar with racehorses, they are notorious for having bad feet.  These horses along with many other professionals in the Bluegrass region shaped my shoeing and trimming methods by teaching me what needs to be done maintain and rehabilitate distressed feet.

My farrier credentials include:

  • in 2007, attained the “certified farrier” endorsement through the American Farrier’s Association by completing a three phase judging by nationally known experts in my trade
  • taught farrier science course (’06-’08)  for Midway College
  • expert speaker numerous events including “Equine Affair”
  • passed licensing requirements for Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana horse racing authority
  • Numerous continuing education certificates
2014 11 05_0249
American Farrier’s Association Certified Farrier


photo Colleen Laffey
photo Colleen Laffey, note the kerkheart skicker!

My experience prior to becoming an independent farrier includes a wide variety of experiences that shaped my shoeing philosophy.

  • Formal Schoolingcompleting the Master Farrier Course offered by The Kentucky Horseshoeing School
  • internship/apprenticeshipsover two years of apprentice work in Lexington, Kentucky which included daily immersion in advanced farrier techniques under the wing of the areas top practitioners.
  • related equine experiencecompeting through second level (dressage) as a young rider, working student and training experience at large sport-horse training facilities along the east coast

When not underneath a horse  I enjoy my dogs, whitewater kayaking, hiking, yoga, and photography .


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