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6 Best Winter Riding Breeches

    6 Best Winter Riding Breeches

    Breeches are crucial for a rider’s safety while in the saddle and offer an additional channel of communication with the animal. Quality breeches are never more crucial than in the winter because of the bad weather. We’ll cover all you need to know about the top winter riding breeches in this article. No matter how the winter weather is where you are, we’ll also provide you some fantastic options to think about.

    What To Look for in Breeches for Winter Riding

    Breeches have a tough job to do in the chilly, rainy winter months. In addition to being composed of elastic, non-restrictive material to allow for freedom of movement, they should also be wind- and occasionally water-resistant. Winter riding breeches should ideally contain an additional lining for warmth, depending on where you live.

    In the end, you want your winter riding breeches to be just as comfortable as your summer breeches and shield you from the elements wherever you are. A nice ride can be distinguished from an unpleasant one by wearing the appropriate riding breeches. Who wants the latter, really?

    Best Winter Riding Breeches

    Because the winter climate differs across the United States, there are several different kinds of winter riding breeches available. We may be a touch pampered here in the southeast with our gentler winter weather, but even so, we still need a wonderful pair of breeches for the wintertime. People in this location might not require fleece-lined breeches depending on personal preferences, but a pair of water-resistant breeches is definitely useful! Here are some of our favorite winter-weather breeches.

    1. Ariat Venture Thermal Half Grip Tight

    Wearing these brand-new Ariat Venture Thermal Half Grip Tights is ideal when you require the highest level of warmth and comfort. These tights, created with AriatTEK, are sure to withstand any environment you wear them in. These breeches are really comfortable and contain the reliable Ariat Hex Grip on the upper leg. Your phone and other necessities fit perfectly in the pockets on both legs!

    2. Kerrits Power Stretch Knee Patch Breeches

    With its brushed fleece lining and matte exterior that absorbs hay and horsehair, this tight provides cozy warmth and performance and is the perfect insulator for chilly winter rides and barn chores. These tough breeches are ideal for our friends who have a cold disposition or live in the northern United States. Did we mention that the zip pocket on these sturdy breeches fits your phone? They keep the wind out and the warmth in. Personally, I can’t survive the winter without these!

    3. Kerrits Women’s Fleece Lite II Knee Patch Tight

    These Kerrits fleece tights are a terrific option if you’re searching for an all-weather, all-season tight. They are constructed from a sturdy cloth that is lightweight enough to allow for both summer and winter layering. You’ll enjoy their soft brushed fleece inside lining, and they perform well in the spring and fall as well. These stylish winter riding tights offer a four-way stretch waistline, useful side pockets, and excellent knee patches for a firm grip. The fleece lite II knee patch tight for women from Kerrits receives great reviews for comfort, style, and adaptability. They come in lavender and harbor blue.

    4. TuffRider Unifleece Pull-on Breeches

    This breech is for you if you’re seeking for a lined winter breech that won’t break the bank! These cozy fleece-lined breeches are perfect for winter riding and barn work. These cost-effective breeches have a front zipper pocket, UltraGripp knee patches that prevent slipping, and contoured sock bottoms for added comfort.

    5. Grand Prix Rain Pants

    These Grand Prix rain leggings are another another fantastic choice for the winter. A must-have for equestrians who compete at all levels is this staff favorite. They protect your breeches from the elements and keep them dry and clean. Right before the game, without even getting off the horse, simply unzip the concealed zippers that run down both legs. When it counts, they are a terrific way to appear your best. These rain pants are available in white and tan.

    6. Kerrits Women’s Thermo Tech Full Leg

    The warm, flexible material of the Kerrits Thermo Tech Full Leg Tight will keep you warm and fashionable. Thermo Tech knit is designed for cool weather cycling with mild compression and a brushed fleece interior. A wide comfort waistband and cargo style pockets that are accessible from the saddle are examples of contemporary, sporty details. Kerrit Sticks made of silicone are comfortable and secure along the entire inner leg.

    Riders must be prepared for all types of weather. For riders, especially those who reside in colder, wetter locations, the winter season frequently presents the greatest obstacle. But don’t worry, we have you prepared with some fantastic winter riding equipment that will function wherever you are!