9 Most Popular Arabian Horse Shows in the World

9 Most Popular Arabian Horse Shows in the World

One of the oldest and purest kinds of horses to ever roam the planet is the Arabian. Arabian horse shows are well known all over the world for their extraordinary beauty and elegance.

Scottsdale, the U.S. Nationals, the Arabian Horse World Championship, the Dubai International, the Qatar Nationals, the UK International, the Youth Nationals, the European Championships, and the Canadian Nationals are the most well-known Arabian horse exhibitions.

The best Arabian horses in the world are displayed at some of the most famous horse events. They provide a variety of classes and draw participants from around the world.

Due to their highly sculpted heads, dished noses, arching necks, and high tail carriage, Arabian horses stand out from the crowd.

These equine athletes with intelligence, skill, and energy are renowned for their “flying trot.” One of the most adaptable breeds, they thrive in a number of divisions in the driving, dressage, western, and hunt seat disciplines.

1. Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Exhibition is a favorite among exhibitors and is the biggest Arabian horse show in the world. With only 50 horses when it first opened in 1955, it currently draws about 2,400 horses yearly.

The Arizona Biltmore Hotel’s grounds were the initial location for the performance. Following that, one of the show’s founders, Anne McCormick, donated 150 acres of her ranch near Scottsdale to build Paradise Park, where the show was hosted for a number of years. The show currently, however, spans 10 days each February at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scottsdale offers a wide range of classes, making it a perfect example of the adaptability of the Arabian breed. Reining, cutting, western pleasure, show hack, and English pleasure will all be on display. A park, hunter pleasure, jumping, dressage, driving, equitation, native costume, and much more are also present.

Halter championships, which many people view as the show’s high point, are one of its most well-liked divisions. Over 200,000 people have attended Scottsdale.

2. United States Arabian and Half-Arabian National Championship Horse Show

Every October in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the United States Arabian and Half-Arabian National Championship Horse Show, often known as U.S. Nationals, is held. This prestigious event attracts over 2,000 horses from across North America to compete.

The program provides both Arabians and Half-Arabians a wide range of classes. You’ll see everything from halter to park to trail to hunter to English country pleasure and much more. There are eight days of competition for both professional and amateur riders.

You will witness some of the most beautiful horses, as well as lavishly decorated barns and stall fronts. When not watching the event, there are many vendors to browse.

3. Arabian Horse World Championship

Exclusive competition known as the Arabian Horse World Championships takes place each December in Paris, France. It is a component of the renowned Paris Horse Show (Salon du Cheval de Paris).

Some of the most stunning Arabian horses from around the world will vie for a coveted world title over the course of three days. The Qualifying Classes Females are featured on the first day of the exhibition (Yearling, Junior, Senior).

Males in the Qualifying Classes compete on Day 2 of the competition (Yearling, Junior, Senior). Championships and Special Awards are given out on the third and last day.

Every year, 140 Arabian horses compete. Visitors and exhibitors from all over the world flock to the event to enjoy the amazing ambiance and horses. The Paris Longines Masters, the Night of the Horse, and top-notch shopping can all be found at the Paris Horse Show.

4. Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship

Alongside the Dubai International Horse Fair, the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship is hosted. In March, the renowned show is held in the Dubai World Trade Center.

The competition showcases the purebred Arabian’s beauty, heritage, and athleticism. It is the richest of its type in the world and draws a sizable crowd of Royalty. Around 185 horses compete in this prestigious tournament each year.

The show provides halter divisions for stallions, mares, fillies, and colts. The best of the breed will participate throughout the course of the three days of competition, which will be watched by exhibitors and spectators. The fair also includes other amazing activities and equestrian displays.

5. Qatar National Arabian Horse Show

The Longines Indoor Arena at Al Shaqab is the site of the Qatar National Arabian Horse Show. Some of the top Arabian horses in the world compete in this prestigious exhibition that takes place in January.

With almost 300 of the best Arabian horses competing over four days. For fillies, mares, colts, and stallions, there are separate halter classes. Visitors are welcome to take in the ambience while watching the thrilling and competitive classes.

6. UK International Arabian Horse Show

In Buckinghamshire, just north of London, the stunning Manor Equestrian Center hosts the UK International Arabian Horse Show. In August, three days are dedicated to the competition.

For fillies, colts, stallions, mares, and even geldings, the show provides halter classes. For mares, stallions, and geldings, there are also three rode classes. The best purebred Arabian horses from Europe travel to this magnificent event to participate. Both exhibitors and viewers will enjoy seeing the finest of the best compete.

7. Youth & Mid Summer Arabian & Half-Arabian National Championship Horse Show

Junior exhibitors and their horses can shine at the Youth & Mid Summer Arabian & Half-Arabian National Championship Horse Show. For ten days in July, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, hosts this spectacular spectacle.

Arabian exhibitors that are 18 years old or younger compete in the Youth Nationals. Riders 18 and older are the primary focus of the Mid Summer championship. Along with many others, the classes offered include side saddle, western pleasure, country English pleasure, show hack, reining, and hunter pleasure.

Another important component of Youth Nationals is equitation. The nation’s top juvenile riders compete to display their prowess. There are several types of equitation, including saddle seat, dressage seat, reining seat, hunter seat, and western seat.

8. European Championships

The most beautiful Arabian horses from all throughout Europe compete at the European Championships for the title of “European Champion.” The venue for the show changes every year and is somewhere in Europe.

The event features halter competitions for fillies, colts, mares, and stallions over the course of two days. The exquisite horses, all of whom are owned and bred in Europe, draw crowds of spectators.

European Breeders have a yearly appointment at the exhibition to assess where their breeding program stands. After that, the winners receive gold, silver, or bronze awards. In 2021, the show coincided with the prestigious Verona International Cup.

9. Canadian National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship

In Brandon, Manitoba, the Canadian Nationals are held. Over the course of seven days in August, the exhibition is presented.

Canadian Nationals provides a wide range of classes across all subject areas. English pleasure, hunter pleasure, western pleasure, equitation, reining, and halter are just a few of the classes offered at the event. Armed Forces Day and behind-the-scenes visits are additional opportunities for viewers to learn more about this great breed.

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