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Top Locations for Beach Horseback Riding in the World

    Top Locations for Beach Horseback Riding in the World

    Imagine galloping or cantering through a stunning beach while taking in the relaxing sounds of the crashing waves and the soft breeze brushing against your skin.

    You invariably become enthralled and experience palpitations when you view the ocean from a new angle. Riding a horse down the beach is unlike riding anyplace else and is one of the most thrilling but peaceful experiences you may have.

    You might start dreaming about riding on the beach as soon as it gets warmer. Finding a beach that accepts horses, though, could be problematic.

    Don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of the best locations where you can enjoy the sun, breathe in lots of fresh air, dip your toes in the salty ocean, and spend time connecting with your horse while riding down the shore. The locations are listed in no particular order.

    The good news is that many beaches allow you to ride all year long, unlike some that only permit it during specific seasons. Whichever of these treasures you choose, you will undoubtedly have an unforgettable beach horseback riding vacation. Enjoy!


    Spain, which is well-known for its Flamenco music and dance, magnificent weather, and delectable cuisine, also has several fantastic beaches perfect for horseback riding. Most of them are open all year.

    Even while Andalusia’s beaches are popular with tourists, places like Mallorca can seriously compete in beach horseback riding.


    When one associates Andalusia with horseback riding, one must first consider the Spanish Andalusian horses. They are believed to be the oldest riding horse breed in the world, and specialists assert that not a single one of its characteristics “derives” from any other horse breed. In other words, it is believed that the Spanish Andalusian horse is a purebred.

    The Spanish people have a profound love and respect for their horses (and their history), and as a result, you can find this breed not just in Andalusia but all around Spain. In addition, they are known for their calm demeanor and empathy. Therefore, whenever you go horseback riding in Spain, it’s likely that you’ll be riding an Andalusian horse.

    Have you been daydreaming of relaxing on an Andalusian beach? Highly recommended is Malaga’s breathtaking coastline, the Costa del Sol.

    Although the “Coast of the Sun” is home to one of the world’s most famous lengths of water and sand, you should be aware that while many of the beaches permit horseback riding, others do not since swimmers and sunbathers frequently overrun them.

    When it comes to horseback riding along the beach, Estepona’s famous coastline is the best option. Due to its proximity to the well-known Marbella, it frequently gets overlooked and is rarely crowded. You may ride your horse freely while you explore the Costa del Sol’s breathtaking scenery on horseback because of the area’s peace.

    Contrary to Costa del Sol, Tarifa has remained largely undeveloped, untamed, and undeveloped. A trip to Tarifa might be your best option if you’re seeking a stretch of Spanish beaches to explore that is more natural and undeveloped.

    Nevertheless, it is advisable to avoid Playa de Valdevaqueros, where surfers from all over the world congregate to catch some waves. Additionally, keep in mind that although horses are permitted on the majority of Playa de Los Lances’ 10 KM of coastline, the southern portion of the beach (Playa de Los Lances Sur) is only open to sunbathers.


    Riding your horse along a beach of golden sand will give you a renewed sensation of freedom. Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is home to stunning beaches that are best discovered on horseback.

    This Spanish island is a great option for anyone looking for a location that provides both relaxed horseback riding adventures by the beach and trail riding in secluded highlands.


    Morocco, a unique year-round location, is a great option if you want to go horseback riding along wide deserts and gorgeous beaches. In addition, you’ll be happy to know that Morocco served as the backdrop for the scenes in the famous movie “Lawrence of Arabia” that you’ve wanted to witness in person.

    Additionally, it is the birthplace of some of the finest Arabian and Barb horses in the world, the same breed that the Moor Cavalry rides. Despite having a calm demeanor, these horses are taught to cover a lot of area, thus depends on them frequently move quickly. As a result, some rides in this region of the world might be better suited for people with extensive riding expertise.

    Essaouira and Taghazout are two of Morocco’s most popular horseback riding locations.


    Famous for its picturesque countryside, this region has gorgeous, deserted beaches that are ideal for a horseback riding adventure. Essaouira Beach is a well-liked option because rides here incorporate beach, dune, and woodland riding.

    The beach at Diabat is a favorite among riders. Despite being recognized as the stereotypical hippy hangout, it’s usually quieter, giving it a nice area to gallop by the sea. Awe-inspiring sunset views should definitely be enjoyed while sitting in your saddle in the evening.


    Taghazout is regarded as one among Morocco’s emerging surf destinations, similar to Essaouira. However, you won’t only find surfers here. Taghazout draws all kinds of tourists, including families, due to its stunning beaches (Tazghazout beach and La Source are two examples).

    The good news is that parts of these beaches are shared by Taghazout and Essaouira along the Northside coast of Agadir. The beaches here are great for horseback riding excursions because they don’t get too crowded, even during the peak season.

    United Kingdom

    Are you shocked to see the UK listed there? Although the UK might not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of beach horseback riding, you’ll be happy to know that there are many wonderful beaches there where you can take pleasure in a leisurely gallop along the coast. Even rides are permitted on certain of its beaches all year round!


    While there are many horseback riding paths in Cornwall, Gwithian beach and Godrevy beach are the best places to go if you want to ride along the coast and/or do horseback riding in the water.

    The “Sheep Dips,” the UK’s most beginner-friendly surf area, is located on Gwithian Beach. This vast “rock pool,” which was formed between two massive groups of boulders, is frequently much warmer than the Atlantic, and the waves are more forgiving than those at Godrevy’s.

    These are just a few of the factors that make Gwithian a well-liked year-round holiday destination for locals and visitors alike, along with its extensive stretches of golden sand that make it excellent for horseback riding.

    The nearby Godrevy beach, which is blessed with tall cliffs and stunning coves, is also very worthwhile. A more magnificent stretch of sand to explore on horseback is created when the sandy Gwithian beach connects to Godrevy’s at low tide.

    Keep in mind that the majority of Godrevy is submerged by the sea at high tide, so be sure to check the time of high water ahead of time to prevent being taken off guard.

    The more experienced surfers choose it because of the stronger waves. Additionally, Godrevy is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, with everything from birds to a colony of seals that dwell on a remote stretch of coastline.


    The West Coast of Wales offers a variety of landscapes ideal for horseback riding vacations. It offers a challenge for the more experienced cyclists, from its network of country lanes that are great for hacking to the Preseli Mountains with its ancient drover trails.

    Beginners should not worry, though; there are routes through peaceful wooded areas to explore, and more importantly, Pembrokeshire has many beaches that are appropriate for all skill levels.

    Pembroke is encircled by 180 miles of coastline, and its enormous 50 beaches are protected as National Parks. They have some of the clearest, bluest water and sand you’ll ever see because of this. The beaches in Pembrokeshire have even been recognized as some of the best in Wales!

    You may be unsure about which beach you should visit with so many options. As they don’t get overrun by tourists, Barafundle Bay, Freshwater West Beach, and Manorbier Beach are some of the best beaches to experience an exhilarating ride during low tides.


    Do you canter with assurance? You should be at North Devon’s Putsborough Sands beach.

    There are many expert riders galloping, hacking, and cantering across the three-mile expanse of sand as it extends north towards Woolacombe and Morte Point and south towards Baggy points.

    If you prefer traveling to South Devon, be sure to stop by one of the region’s many stables and equestrian facilities where you can sign up for a guided horseback riding trip that includes rides through the region’s picturesque countryside and along its beaches.

    Woolacombe beach, which is endowed with extraordinary beauty, is highly recommended if you’re looking for a totally enjoyable experience cantering through the waves.

    Costa Rica

    This South American nation is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and palm tree jungles. Since Costa Rica is a tropical nation, there is no shortage of fantastic locations for a beach horseback riding holiday. However, there are some places that stand out above the rest. Here are some of our favorites:


    Horse lovers from all over the world travel to this region of the country, which is home to Playa Barrigona, Playa Buena Vista, and Playa Carillo, to enjoy a calming yet thrilling riding session at the beach.

    They are less developed and cleaner than many beaches in Costa Rica. There aren’t many structures in the area, and the shoreline is surrounded with palm trees and other lush vegetation rather than stores and hotels, creating picturesque settings against the white sand and blue waters.


    There are some of the greatest and longest waves in the world in this small surf hamlet on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast. There are skilled surfers from all over the world in the ocean to take advantage of the waves when there is a big swell.

    Playa Pavones, a beach perfect for long rides by the shore at low tide, is also located in Pavones. Playa Rio Claro is a fantastic option to take into consideration if you’re seeking for an alternative. It is ideal for scenic horseback riding and fantastic for seeing surfers glide across its fierce waves because it is close to the Panamanian border.


    Welcome to Australia, a continent with a wealth of open space and diverse topography that is ideal for beach horseback riding vacations. Here, you can treat yourself to a unique horse experience.

    You can ride out with an Aboriginal cowboy, take in Australia’s most stunning peaks, and point your horse into the surf without getting off the saddle. It is difficult to choose from all the fantastic beaches there are.

    Tasmania and Queensland should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for an outstanding horseback riding experience along the coastline.


    Tasmania is the sixth-largest island in the world and is situated around 240 kilometers south of the Australian Mainland.

    It is regarded as one of the few accessible wilderness frontiers in the world and is known to Australians as “Tassie.” It is a small piece of heaven on Earth if you love the outdoors as much as you enjoy horseback riding.

    Here, you may take a breathtaking trip up Hobart’s Seven Mile Beach while seeing the magnificent Tasman Peninsula in the distance. You’ll undoubtedly see a variety of regional bird species on your trip, and if you’re lucky, you might even see some dolphins!


    Are you getting ready to travel to Queensland soon? Then, make sure to visit Rainbow Beach for a day or two. It is a paradise for outdoor adventures with stunning natural beauty and ideal weather all year.

    This breathtaking stretch of beach is enclosed by a national park and is only three hours from Brisbane. Here, you can see dolphins and breaching whales while “horsing around” on the sand and in the surf (only from July to October).

    Because Rainbow Beach is so protected, just one business (Rainbow Beach Horse Rides) can provide horseback riding tours there. Consequently, you will need help to bring your horse.

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