What are Astrocytes?

Astrocytes are a type of glial cell that are found in the brain & spinal cord of mammals, including humans. 

They are star-shaped cells that play important roles in the functioning of the nervous system.

Astrocytes have several functions, including providing structural support for neurons & regulating the chemical environment around neurons. 

They are also involved in the repair & regeneration of nervous tissue following injury or damage.

One of the key functions of astrocytes is to regulate the levels of ions & neurotransmitters in the extracellular fluid surrounding neurons. 

They do this by taking up excess ions & neurotransmitters & releasing them back into the extracellular space when needed.

Astrocytes also play a role in regulating blood flow to the brain. They release chemicals that can cause blood vessels. 

To dilate or constrict, thereby altering blood flow & oxygen supply to different areas of the brain.

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