When the Time to lie your partner is right

 In certain situations, it might be appropriate to withhold some information or use white lies to protect your partner's feelings.

Surprise parties or gifts: If you're planning a surprise party or gift for your partner, it's okay to lie about your plans & keep it a secret until the big reveal.

Protection: If you believe that telling the truth could put your partner in danger or harm, it might be necessary to lie or withhold information to protect them.

Avoiding unnecessary conflict: Sometimes, small lies or white lies can prevent unnecessary arguments or conflicts in a relationship. For instance, if your partner asks if you like their new outfit.

Privacy: Everyone is entitled to their privacy, & there may be some things that you don't feel comfortable sharing with your partner.

In such cases, it's okay to withhold certain information to maintain your privacy.

Personal growth: If you're working on personal issues, such as overcoming an addiction or personal trauma, it might be difficult to share the details with your partner.

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